ForecastCons Ltd. is an management consulting firm with clients representing a number of finanacial and industrial sectors.
Our team has acquired the majority of their experience as top and senior managers as well as consultants primarily at well-known multinational and domestic companies. Our flexible organization is able to respond instantly to market needs. This enables us to provide world class consulting services and best-practices at a price that is competitive in the local market.
The flexibility of our firm, the extensive experience of our consultants enables us to react dynamically to the requirements of our clients. We have built a experience and best practice based knowledge base in a number of different fields such as general information technology and various fields of industrial information technology and management consulting area, and we have a strong focus on the telecommunication, finance and small and midle companies sectors.
The knowledge and managerial experience of our senior experts is balanced with the dynamic attitude of the younger consultants of our firm - a blend of managerial and consulting experience.
The majority of our colleagues are qualified in the fields of information technology, finance-accounting, engineering and have considerable management experience.